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Does your business internet marketing effort need a video?

You’ve probably asked your web master, business consultant and friends that question at least once.  You probably got a different answer from each one of them and are still confused.  Here are some stats from YouTube:

  • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over […]
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    Business Website Search Engine Performance – Improving Page Titles

Business Website Search Engine Performance – Improving Page Titles

Understanding The SEO Mistake

I’m often asked how to increase business website search engine performance.  Being a teacher, I answer the question.  Recently I brought a young woman to tears with my review of her website content–a first in my business.  But her tears highlights a point we all could […]

Budgeting for Your Online Advertising

Not sure how to set a budget for online advertising?  This video is from the Google Learning System and gives a good over-view on how to determine your budget.  We’ll create an article in the near future that goes into specifics.

What is AdWords?

This is a great video from Google explaining what AdWords is.

Is your website indexed on Google?

Small business owners are stuck in the middle between SEO experts and phone book companies.  On one side they are told by the SEO experts that you must spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to get listed on Google.  On the other side, the phone book companies say […]

Small Business SEO Review – Part 1

“Ed, can you do an seo review and tell me how I get my website ranked higher on Google?”

A very common question since I have hundreds of friends who own a small business.  The question is usually followed with a recommendation for a particular search engine optimization company.  They get bombarded […]

Plan it and they’ll find your business on the internet

Small Business Website Optimization Planning

land-surveyors-image1Your website needs to be a beacon designed to draw people to take action.

It is hard to not view your website as a sales force designed to close deals, but without human interaction, your website can never […]

Tips for Increasing your Google+ Social Network Size

Notice I did not say TRICK to building your social network size…  I don’t believe in tricks, not when it comes to building networks of people.  The short and skinny of building a large social network is to get involved with new people, be interesting and non obtrusive.  

You heard all your friends say “use Social Networking”, but why?

Anyone who was in business twenty years ago heard a similar mantra, “if you are going to be in business then you MUST advertise in the phone book.”  

How does a busy small business owner find the necessary time to use social networking to grow business?

Take small, consistent steps towards a specific goal. The key to successful social network marketing is creating simple, easy to repeat steps that lead towards a specific end.

Before diving into social […]