Social Marketing

Mixing Internet Marketing Channels

Building your website and waiting for customers does not work. On todays internet you must tell people about it and attract visitors.

Building Your Small Business Internet Marketing Plan Part 3

Part 3 of a 3 part presentation on Social Networking and Internet Marketing.

Building Your Small Business Internet Marketing Plan Part 2

The crux of Personality Based Marketing is writing about you and your life. People surfing the net for entertainment will stumble across your posting, read it, and want to learn more about what you do. The transition from your blog site to your web site (where the features and benefits presentation takes over) is the art behind blogging.

Social Networking Instructions – Getting Start with Yahoo Answers

Here are two Power Point Presentations on Social Marketing To view the presentations, you need a Google account.  Google accounts are free.  For more information about Google Accounts, please click here.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing has become a complex business operation which requires a unique marketing plan and internet expertise. Gone are the days of build-it and they will come; now, companies must post news and advertising snippets in a multitude of locations. No longer can you trust your internet marketing campaign to the computer geek who knows HTML. Advanced marketing, writing and programming skills are needed to build and keep traffic.

Does business take a SNOW day?

The Eastside of Portland is pretty icy today.  It is days like today, when the roads are too hazardous to drive on that are perfect for working on your internet marketing plan. I’ve been up for several hours already, enjoying the beautiful sunrise; even took a brave dip in the […]