About Ed Bejarana & Zenith Exhibits

Ed incorporated Zenith Exhibits on Jan 7, 2007 after a two year test-run as North West Displays.  Ed's goal was to create an affordable ad agency that specialized in trade show exhibiting, small business advertising, and business development.  Having built over 2,500 websites, managed millions in digital advertising, produced thousands of hours of audio and video content, and helped clients in every state in America, Zenith Exhibits is still going strong!

We have evolved with the marketplace and helped our clients navigate the never-ending technology changes small business face.  Using our flat fee pricing model, we save your business thousands of dollars.

Podcasting entered our service offerings the end of 2018 as an answer to internet censorship.  Ed found a way to optimize business websites with strategic audio content production.  This unique podcast production service is now available to select business markets.  Clients have experienced and average of 26% more company website click-throughs with just one podcast episode published per month.  You do not need to start your own podcast to experience improved search engine performance, Zenith Exhibits has strategically developed podcast productions where your content can be syndicated.  Call today to learn more about this opportunity.

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