Developing a great voiceover script for marketing your small business

January 5, 2023

No matter if you are going to hire a professional voiceover artist, or if you are going to record the commercial yourself, the first step in the process is writing a script that will engage…

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Is search engine optimization dead?

January 3, 2023

Short answer, no.  Per SearchEngine Journal, 53% of all website traffic come from an organic search.  This means your website still needs to be built with search engine ranking in mind.  Blogging, video posts, and…

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Photo of an iPad with and I and the word information on the screen.

Tips for building an informational video

January 2, 2023

How many times have you wished you had an instructional video you could play on your website to help alleviate all those duplicate phone calls with questions?  Let me first say, I encourage all my…

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Asian woman recording a small business podcast.

Part 3: Building a community and your own tribe

December 31, 2022

How many times in business have you asked yourself, how do I create opportunities to touch my clients?  We send emails, mail Christmas cards, newsletters, even birthday wishes…al while worrying that we are sending too…

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Asian woman recording a small business podcast.

Part 2: Generate new customers with podcasting

December 29, 2022

Podcasting can generate new customers because companies like Neilson Ratings and PodTrac say listener loyalty is very high.  Does that mean you need to host your own podcast or just be an advertiser?  Currently, there…

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Creating a Dog-Gone Supplemental Income Stream

December 28, 2022

A friend from Oregon read my blog post about the guy building a side-business using vitamins and asked if I could help him.  The project is far-fetched (that joke will make sense in a moment),…

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Asian woman recording a small business podcast.

Why podcasting can be a great growth strategy for your business

December 27, 2022

Is podcasting the latest pet rock fad?  Honestly, the answer might be yes, it would be wrong for me to suggest otherwise.  However, like the printing press and the horseless carriage, new things are always…

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Young woman listening to an audiobook through her headphones.

You have written a book, now what?

December 26, 2022

With the right equipment, it is easier than ever to produce your own audio book.  Below are five tips you can use to jump start the process and open the door to a new world…

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Building a supplemental income stream using podcasting

December 24, 2022

I had a friend approach me and ask if podcasting could help him build a side-hustle business.  He explained he wanted to generate some supplemental income and had an idea about selling supplements during the…

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Happy Woman with the chart of metaphysical laws.

Whatever You Dwell Upon, Grows!

December 23, 2022

There is a metaphysical law of concentration that says, “whatever you focus on, grows.”  Meaning if you focus on the negative parts of life those negative things will grow…but there is a business application as…

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