Audio Book Production

Do you have the next New York Times Best Seller? Ready to turn that book in the next great audio book?

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Almost half of all Americans listened to an audiobook last year and the audiobook market is nearly 3.5 billon dollars! We listen to podcasts in our cars and at the gym, portable high-quality Bluetooth speakers are abundant and everyone is listening to audiobooks. Making your book available for people to listen to expands the reach of your literary work.

Putting things another way, the audiobook market is growing at a rate of 30% per year, which nearly quadruples the growth rate for eBooks. This is a wave you have to catch!

Truth is, recording your book is easier today than at any point in history. Recording equipment is inexpensive, audio recording and editing software is easy to use, and the process for publishing your audio book super simple. So why hire a professional to record your book?


Professional narrators are actors who understand pacing, vocal dynamics, character consistency, voice variation, and articulation. They invested years in vocal lessons to learn breadth control, diction, and emotional connection to the message.

Hiring a professional is more affordable than you might think. At Zenith Exhibits, we work on a price Per Finished Hour rate (PFH). You only pay for the time of the finished recording…not the studio, editing, and mastering time.

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