Golden Years, Golden Voices: Exploring Voice Acting as a Vibrant Semi-Retirement Gig

Well, fellas, let’s chat about something a bit left-field today. Something that can add a dash of zest and creativity to your semi-retired life. It’s voice acting. Yeah, you heard right. Not golf, not RVing, not gardening. Voice acting!

Why not, right? We’ve spent a good part of our lives talking already. Work meetings, phone calls, bedtime stories for the kids. And most of us have played around doing silly voices or impressions at one point or another. So, why not put all that golden experience to use?

Voice acting is a brilliant semi-retirement gig for us silver-haired gents. It’s low-impact, high-reward, and the beauty of it is, you can do it right from the comfort of your home. Imagine this – it’s just you, a script, and a microphone. A simple setup, but the possibilities are endless.

Now, I can hear you say, “But isn’t voice acting for folks in Hollywood?” Well, yes and no. While it’s true that big-shot actors do a lot of voice work, there’s a whole world of opportunities out there. Audiobooks, commercials, animations, video games, and corporate videos all need voice actors. And here’s a little secret: you don’t need a voice like James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman to be successful. What’s really needed is the ability to convey emotion and tell a story with your voice.

Think of voice acting as another form of storytelling. We’ve all regaled a crowd with tales from our younger years, kept grandkids on the edge of their seats with fantastic yarns, or sold a buddy on the idea of joining us for some hare-brained adventure. That’s the essence of voice acting.

What’s more, it’s fun! It’s like being a kid again, playing pretend, trying on different personas, experimenting with accents. The novelty factor alone is a potent antidote to the oft-dreaded boredom of retirement.

And the cherry on top? It pays. It might not make you a millionaire, but hey, who couldn’t use a bit of extra dough to spoil the grandkids, support a hobby, or fund that dream trip you’ve been putting off?

Getting into voice acting is not as hard as you might think. You’ll need a good microphone, some soundproofing (which could be as simple as a quiet room with heavy drapes and carpet), and a computer. The internet has made auditioning for roles easier than ever, with sites like or Voice123 acting as matchmakers between clients and voice actors.

You’ll need to practice, of course. But then again, we’ve got time, don’t we? And there are plenty of resources available online to help you develop your skills, with tons of forums, tutorials, and courses to guide you along the way.

So, gentlemen, let’s shake things up! If you’re in search of a new adventure in your golden years, why not give voice acting a shot? It’s an exciting way to stay active, creative, and connected. Remember, age is just a number, but our voices, they’re timeless. Let’s make them heard.


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I have been in the music and entertainment business since 1977. I love podcasting and audio production as a business model and enjoy helping business grab new customers with engaging audio and video.

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