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Why business blogging is better than bulk eMail

I ask all my clients the same question when describing business blogging…if given enough time to build a relationship (even a friendship) with a prospect would you have a greater chance of earning their business? The answer is always of course; but why then do we turn to blind eMail blasts that clog people’s eMail boxes and frustrate the consumer?


Using Business Blogging to increase Internet Marketing

Business Blogging is a relatively new term, but the concept has been around for more than a few years. Write blog articles about subjects consumers would be interested in reading and search engines will give you good page listings. What isn’t clear is how to build your article and how comment on articles already online to maximize search engine marketing for your own website.


Building Your Own Business Blog

Search engines like text based web pages because they can index the page in their database and list for someone who types a similar search string. As a result of the search engine’s fondness towards blogs, your blog articles can achieve first page rankings on google in just a few hours.


What is Business Blogging

Business blogging is NOT selling your goods or services, rather business blogging is a way for consumers to get an insight into the way you think and operate.