A picture is worth a thousand words…

When doing our small business planning and building our business advertising program, our natural tendency is to fall back on the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words.  We hire graphic designers to create business logos, pretty brochures, and beautiful websites (with lots of animation and cool looking stuff).  Certainly graphics help, but more often than not they become our crutch.

Almost all forms of marketing is devoted to an active audience and on the internet carry very little long term recognition.  Static small business advertising on the internet loses search engine value and falls further down the list and away from the consumer.  A new online marketing method must be adopted to help draw consumers in from other interest channels and maintain high search engine visibility.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a business story is worth a thousand pictures!  In order for our static marketing efforts to take hold, we need to convert inactive consumers into active consumers.  Using my transaction stool.  Every transaction must have at least three legs:

1.    Need
2.    Financial ability
3.    Comfort

Need is easy to understand, our prospect must need what we are offering or they are going to move on.  We spend vast amounts of business resources trying to convince consumers that they need what we offer, but in the end, need is in the eye of the consumer.

Financial ability is also obvious.  If the prospect can not afford what we offer then they are not an active consumer.

Comfort is more personal and is a direct reflection on the relationship between the consumer and sales associate.  At this point the consumer is an active participant, although the transaction is not yet complete.  A binary decision will be made by the consumer and it comes down to a simple question, Do I like this guy enough to do business with him?

It is not until we open our mouths can the consumer answer the comfort question.  Unfortunately, the question of likability isn’t answered until the very end of the conversation.  Kind of like the old saying, your lost keys will be in the last place you look.  While this saying is funny, there is a business lesson.  If the end results were going to be no, was your time best spent trying?  Once invested you can not get back your time.

Consumers who find you because of your business stories are going to already have some affinity towards your way of thinking.  If you can put a personal slant on your small business stories, then you will build a personal relationship with the consumer before they every visit your website.  If the comfort question is answered in your favor before the question of need or financial ability is asked; then one third of the transaction stool has already been built and when presented with a business advertising highlighting need the consumer becomes an active audience to your sales presentation.

Business blogging is the best technology to delivering business stories.  33% of all American adults already seek out and read other people’s blog.  When presented with interesting topics, they will also read yours.

When blogging for your business, remember to keep your message entertaining, engaging or enlightening (What I call the Three E’s).  Direct sales pitches do not make consumers comfortable.

Ed Bejarana

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