Adding Pictures to your Blog Article

Adding supportive photos can enhance your article and help draw a better point.  For example:

Lets assume you are a photographer and you are writing an article that would bring expecting fathers to your message.  You write a story about a client who was seeking a gift for his wife that made her feel as beautiful having their third child as she was having their first.  In your story you write about the glow of beauty your client described every morning around his wife.  To enhance the story, you find a photo of a morning sunrise.

So how do you insert a photo into your blog article?

See this picture below, the red circle is around the “Add an Image” icon you click to start the process.

When you click on the icon above, you are presented with a popup dialogue box where you will be promoted to locate the picture file on your computer.  For formatting purposes, start with photos that are no wider than 500 pixels.

If the photo you are using resides on another website, then choose the “From URL” tab, otherwise, click on “Select Files” button.

If your browser does not support Active X, then your screen will not show the “Select Files” button.  In this case, click on the link to “Browser Uploader”.

Located the file (or files) on you hard drive and click on select.

At this point your photos will be uploaded to WordPress and added to a Gallery associated with your post.

Your next option will be the formatting of your photo in relation to your post text.

The next dialogue box gives you the option to left or right justify your photo, which will wrap your text around the photo OR None or Center.

Notice the size options, depended on your photo size, WordPress will try to size your photos.  Be sure your photo is NOT wider than 500 pixels, otherwise the photo will not lineup correctly on the website.

We suggest you experiment with captions and descriptions.


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