Article Structure: Benefits Based Business Blogging Approach

There are dozens of different business blogging styles; the most comfortable for small business owners is a benefits based approach.  Every marketing / sales book published in the last five year’s teaches benefits based selling and thus it is the default manner in which we write.

Using a benefits based approach:

  1. Brings main keywords to the top of the article (improving search engine visibility / optimization)
  2. Introduces a writing outline for the article
  3. Engages the audience faster

Brings main keywords to the top…

Having your keywords in the top 25% of the article is critical.  Typically, when using a benefits based selling approach, we work our way through the benefits in a linear fashion (one at a time, explaining as we go.)  The search engine problem with this approach is:

  • readers have a short attention span
  • spiders weight the top 25% of your article the most

Business blogging is not selling!  Use a linear based approach in face-to-face presentations works because the prospect is trapped and, thus, must stay and listen (or appear to be rude).  However, on the internet, you are not with the visitor and, thus, they can be rude and immediately hit the back button.

Introduces a writing outline…

More often than not, the biggest mistake made in business blogging is rambling.  In our mind we feel we are softening the message, in the readers mind, we are wasting their time.  Having a writing outline (i.e. your benefits bullet list) will keep you on track.

You do not need to go in detail on every benefit statement, especially when the benefit speaks for itself.  Always start with the number one benefit and spend the most time explaining.  the second most important benefit should get an explanation, but it should be shorter than the first.  (note: kind of like the structure of THIS article).

The Basic Article Outline for Benefits Based Business Blogging

  • Title – Inspire the reader to ask “How?”
  • Intro Sentence – Building on the title
  • Bullet List – Highlighting the benefits (ordered by importance)
  • First objection – Biggest selling point
  • Second Objection – Second biggest selling point
  • Testimonial (if avail) – A quote that supports the first benefit
  • Conclusion / Close

A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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