Building your Client Profiles and Blogging Strategy

Just imagine for a moment you spend less time with good paying customers and they love you and how you help them.  These evangelists then sing your praises to everyone they know, bringing more customers your way.  Sound good?


Your best customers are those who get it, don’t struggle with the message and do everything you suggest (which works).  When something does go wrong, your best customers call you and you solve the problem.

Write down everything about this ideal customer.  Age, income, education, marital status, religious and political believes, hobbies, children, the type of house they live in, and everything else you can think of.  The more you can define, the easier it will be for you to write articles that appeals to the prefect prospect.

For example (extreem as it is), if your ideal customer is socially conservative but your written article is very liberal then your words will not echo with the target prospect.

Create one client profile at a time, otherwise you’ll confuse the language.  Client profiling includes building sample language and topics of interest.  Your blogging strategy should including creating an inventory of topics that are appealing to this perfect customer.

Write your client profile, then write two sample articles and ask a friend to give you feed back.  Does the articles speak to the client profile defined on the page?  The trick here is making sure your client profile is very detailed.  For example, if you only state you want to do business with people who have money, then when reviewing your article, your editor will not be able to give you constructive feedback.

When starting your blog site, be sure to limit the number of client profiles your are writing for.  Readers will get confused it the language is trying to speaking to too many different people all at once.

Happy Blogging!

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Ed Bejarana
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