Building Your Small Business Internet Marketing Plan Part 3

Write it and they will come is not a good business blogging strategy.  A better approach would be:

  1. Write it
  2. Bookmark it
  3. Comment on it
  4. Link to it
  5. Ask friends to read it
  6. EMail others about it

Your blog site tells the major search engines every time you publish a new article.  If you’ve kept your article to a single topic, written good support information for your title, and avoided the direct sales pitch, then the search engines will reward you with a high natural search result.  In some cases that might be enough, but why take a chance?  Let’s tell a few hundred thousand people about the article…

Social networking is the online equivalent of attending the local Chamber of Commerce.  If you have attended a chamber meeting then you have witnessed social networking first hand: The mic is passed around the room for everyone to make their elevator speech and then it happens…  Someone says, “I’d like to give kudos to…”

Giving kudos is face-to-face viral marketing.  One kudo leads to a second, and then a third and before long everyone is giving kudos.  The evolution of kudos is such that the more kudos you receive in a single meeting the higher the probability you will develop a following AND gain some business.  Business blogging works the same way.  The more people who Digg, Tag, Bookmark, Read and Comment on your article, the higher the probability someone new will take a few minutes out of their life to READ.

You have seen the little numbers on websites.  They represent the viral marketing (or kudos) aspect of online social networking.  How many times have you been compelled to read something JUST because a lot of other people found it interesting? has made hundreds of millions of dollars from this viral concept.

After writing, my list above suggests you bookmark it.  That does not mean add a bookmark to your computer; instead bookmark the article on several of the Social Bookmarking sites.  There are hundreds if not thousands of social bookmarking sites, but our favorites are:,,,, and  Every time we publish an article, we also add a bookmark to the article on the above sites. is classified as a Social Bookmark site, but we feel the application goes a bit beyond just bookmarking, so we are moving it to task 5.

Next on our list is “Comment on it”.  Using one of the social bookmarking sites, search for complementary topics to your article title.  Visit those popular blog sites, read the article and add a comment with a link to your article as supporting info.  This step can be time consuming so we suggest you limit your initial activities to just a few comments per article.

Commenting on popular blog sites with links to your blog article has a risk.  If your comment is perceived as link spam then your action can backfire.  The key to avoiding being a link spammer is to add a value based comment; don’t just add a “click here” link.  Constructive comments on popular blog sites WILL drive large amounts of traffic to your blog and get your article more exposure.

Next on our list is “Link to it”.  The idea is to put links to your article for people to click.  The easiest way to do this is through Microblogging.  The idea of microblogging is built on sending out short blurbs about your daily activities for your network to read.  The sites we use for Microblogging are Twitter and Facebook.

Signing up for Twitter and Facebook is not enough.  There is a process of developing your network of friends, but we will save these instructions for another publication.  Suffice to say, developing your networks on Twitter and Facebook requires more time and a concerted effort!

Number 5 on our list is “Ask friends to read it.”  You have spent a great deal of time building up your network of friends.  Ask some to read your article and add their comments.  Build up a trusted group of advisers, ask them to give constructive feedback and in the spirit of continuous improvement, take their advise.

Number 6 on the list is “EMail others about it.”  While I believe blogging will eventually replace eMail campaigns, eMail is still the most performed internet task.  Write your blog and then eMail a link with a brief description of your article.

Over this three-part posting we have discussed how social networking works, how to come up with things to write about and how to generate buzz by your words.  Over the coming weeks we will dive deeper into specific marketing activities.

Ed Bejarana

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