Business Blogging is just ONE Marketing Strategy

Most Marketing Programs Work

This is a myth put forth by some marketing consultants and debunked in the book “Marketing Myths that are Killing Business”, by Clancy & Shulman.  Truth is it is hard to tell if a marketing program is working.  Well, that is until the internet and business blogging.

Enter Google Analytics

When we blog for business, we keep our topic focused.  That topic gets good initial visibility on the search engines and using the FREE Google Analytics software, we can measure the effectiveness of the posting.  If people are digesting your content AND visiting another page on your company website, then your business blog marketing strategy is working…  However, if the phone does not ring then one might conclude that the effort failed.

Business Blogs Gather Traffic

Your website makes the case for people to call.

  • Use your blog to capture keyword focused search engine visibility
  • Provide value to the reader in the form of knowledge they can use
  • leave the selling to your other Web Pages

All to often we, as business owners / operators, panic when we see lots of web traffic but not phone calls.  This is a business matrix.  Find the most common page visitors read next, after your business blog posting.  Have a trusted friend read the second page and ask them this question:

What, if any, action are you inspired to take?

If the answer is none, then you have found the failure in your marketing program.  Modify the page and repeat the process.  In business, we improve that which we measure.  Use Google Analytics to measure your marketing effort and keep adjusting until your phone starts to ring.

A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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