Business Blogging Strategy Development – What

What do I write?

The over simplified answer is info that is helpful to your target audience.

The process involves using Google to find a keyword phrase that has traffic and pick associated keywords to help bolster the strength of the chosen keyword phrase.

Using Keywords with Traffic

Half the battle is knowing the keyword phrases being used.  Fortunately, Google gives us a free tool to aid in the process of discovery.  The Google Adwords – Keyword Tool is a free utility.

Word or Phrase field is where you will type in your initial pick for a target keyword phrase.

You do not need to enter in a web address.  The web address field is used if you are building a Pay Per Click campaign.

As an example, let’s assume we are wanting to write an article on the keyword phrase “finding computer help.”  How did we come up with the initial phrase?  It is something we feel our customers might be searching for.  Our first task is to check and see if anyone is searching for that phrase.  We visit the keyword tool page and type in “finding computer help” and hit search.

Our above sample shows there is no search traffic for our target keyword phrase, however Google also gives us keywords that DO have traffic and are associated with your original keyword.

Looking at the results, we see there is a good deal of traffic for the phrase “need computer help”

Bolstering the Target Keyword

The next step is to type in our new search phrase into the Google Keyword Tool.  When we use our example, “need computer help”, we now get a list of keyword phrases that are associated with the new target phrase.

The process at this step is to pick three or more phrases that you can use in your blog article.  Now is a good time to remind you that the goal of business blogging is to bring new visitors to your website by creating content the visitor values.

  1. Know who you are writing for
  2. Know what you want to teach them
  3. Know why they care

Using our example, the new list of keywords contain the follow that we might use:

  • computer repair help
  • computer technical help
  • business computer help

Pulling it all together.  Using our example, we have the following keyword road map for our new article.

Our title will contain “need computer help”.  Note, the title must have more than just your target keywords, but the target keyword phrase must be in the exact order as shown on Google.  For example:

Title:  Does your business need computer help that makes sense?

In the content of our article, we will then use the following keyword phrases:

  • computer repair help
  • computer technical help
  • business computer help

Again, the keyword phrases must be used as shown.  We cannot rearrange the keyword phrases to match our content, we need to craft quality content that uses the target keyword phrases.


We first search for keyword phrases that have search traffic.

Then we find three or more associated keyword phrases to help bolster the target keyword value.


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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