Business Blogging Strategy Development – When

How often should I blog?

This is the number one question I am asked.  There is no hard and fast answer.  Every day can be just as wrong as only once a year.  The answer is almost always going to be “depends.”

Google said “freshness” is important, but how do internet searchers for your keywords define “fresh”?

It is not about quantity, but rather quality.

In a previous instruction posting I said blogging increases the foot print of your website.  Size is important, but that does not necessarily mean BIG.  Your business blog database needs to be as big as your target market requires.  Here is where we stop thinking search engine optimization and start thinking about visitor optimization.

Visitor Optimization

What are the questions your customers ask?  Think of your blog as an expanded frequently asked questions database.

If your industry is constantly evolving, then your blog frequency will be high.

If your industry has not changed much in the last two to three years, then once you add the necessary info, your blog frequency will be low.

When you work with Zenith Exhibits, we ask alot of questions about your target customer.  You should know them inside and out.  Your business blog is designed to increase traffic to your website–not for the sake of more traffic, but for the sake of making more money.

If your target customer seeks info on specific topics, then write as much quality content on that topic as is possible as often as possible.  The only limiting factor is your time.

If a visitor gets their question answered on your website, then your brand has chiseled a little imprint in their memory.  If your website has lots of answers to their questions, then the visitor will bookmark or link to your website.

The answer to how often should I blog is: as often as your visitor demands.


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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