Business Blogging Strategy Development – Where

This is an odd question.  Where do you publish my business blog article?

You publish your business blog article in the appropriate category and tag section.

Your WordPress website is capable of organizing information such that visitors can click on a subject link and get more information on that subject.  These links are automatically generated, provided you think through the organization and lay the ground work for the appropriate categories and tags.

Here is a link to an article I’ve written on another website about Categories vs. Tags.  This article is not about creating categories, but choosing the right categories.

Lesson #1:  One article does not make a category.

Categories are designed to hold lots of different postings and allow the visitor to narrow the scope of information to only that which interests them.  For that reason you must put lots of thought into your category tree.

Do not use ONE category for all your posts.  Narrow your subject matter down to smaller chunks.  If you cannot think of five to 20 articles on a particular category, then you are focusing too narrow.  If, however, every article fits into a chosen category, then you’ve not narrowed your focus enough.

Lesson #2:  Article focus extends to website focus.

An ideal business blog site should have somewhere between five to seven major categories.  Your industry may force more.  If so, put lots of thought into your category tree.  Over thinking or creating too many categories can turn off a visitor because your website becomes too difficult to navigate.

Avoid using multiple categories for a single post.  Put another way, if every post belongs to multiple categories, then you have not focused your article topic or you are just trying to use categories as another keyword stuffing technique–both scenarios are bad.

There may come a day when you find you have a new category tree that is vastly different from your other articles.  That is the time you start developing a second website.  Keep your website focused on your primary industry AND your target customer.

Lesson #3:  Don’t over think tags.

Tags are confusing to most people.  There are only two search engines that currently use tags (Delicious and Technorati).  If you find  you are adding more than three to five tags per post, then you are over thinking the process.

If categories are your major keywords, then tags are the minor keywords.  The most common mistake is to use tags as an SEO tool.  Tags are not for SEO, tags are for website simplification.

Originally designed to be a graphic depiction of the main subject matter of a blog site, tags are the most miss-used tool in a blog site.  Unless you plan to include a tag cloud on your home page, then I’d suggest avoiding then for now.


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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