Business Blogging Strategy Development – Why

Why a Business Blog?

  1. to add valuable topic focused information for your website visitors
  2. encourage visitors to link to your website
  3. increase website foot print & keep the spiders coming back

Topic Focused Info

Google, Yahoo & Bing rate our info against all the other web pages on the same topic and gives us a place in their search results.  The more focused our topic, the better.

When all things are equal, search engines break a tie in content quality by time–the most recent wins.


In addition to time, Google uses a special ranking system called page rank.  This rank is based on a scale of 0 to 10.  Without going into the meaning of each level, for now we’ll just say the higher your page rank the higher your chances are of ranking over your competition.

  • One of the ways we increase page rank is by increasing the number of websites that link to ours.  When you have valuable data, people add your website to their bookmarks.  If those book marks are stored online, then you’ve just established a link with another website.
  • When someone adds a link to your blog article on their Facebook, Twitter or other Social Networking site you’ve gained a new link.
  • When someone adds a link to your website on their website (on any page), you’ve gained a new link.

Think of these links as a vote.  The more votes you receive, the higher the perceived value of your information and the higher your page rank.

Increased Foot Print

Blog posts on our business website count as pages.  To a search engine spider there is no different between a post or a page: so WordPress gives us an advantage.

Every time you publish a new post, WordPress automatically sends notice of the publication to all the major search engines.  This is called pinging.

When the search engines visit your blog article, they copy all the content and special computer programs grade your information against dozens or even hundreds of variables.  The goal of the search engine is to make sure the information is going to be valuable to internet searchers.  If your article passes the minimum of tests, then your article is indexed.

The more information you have indexed by the search engines, the higher your home page ranking is perceived.

For example, if your website only has five pages and your content is valued at a 3 and your competitor has 10 pages and their home page content is valued at at a 3, then your competitor’s website is more likely to appear first in the search results.


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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