Business Blogging using Fictional Characters

Business blogging using a personality based marketing approach is an effective way to capture attention from people surfing the net.  By utilizing creative forms of writing you can capture the attention of internet users who are browsing the internet as a form of entertainment.  One way to increase the entertainment perception of your article is to introduce fictional characters with whom you interact to deliver a business message that engages, entertains or educates the reader.

To better understand the reasons for writing entertainment focused articles, we need to examine a few numbers.  First, per the Internet World Stats website, there are over 238 million internet users in North America (  Per a Pew Internet Study from April 2003, 72% of all internet users agree that the “internet would help them find out things more easily.”  Last, and maybe the most important statistic from the same 2003 Pew research study is 50% of internet users “believe the internet is mostly a form of entertainment.”

The goal of any business blog article should be to bring new visitors to your company website.  The selling process should be deferred until the reader of your blog article wishes to seek more information about you or your business.  To this end, when writing your blog article, it is important to avoid closing the deal in your story.  Use traditional creative-writing practices to build credibility with your readers.

When using fictional characters in your story, follow traditional character development procedures, which can be found in any number of books available from your local library.  Another approach would be to search the web for tips on creating characters.

In a recent story I wrote for a personal blog, I introduced a woman named Simple Sally.  Simple Sally is a smart woman, but she wants everything broken down to simple steps.  When things appear too difficult she struggles to overcome the obstacles.  By fully developing Simple Sally’s character profile, I will be able to use her again and again in stories where I need to illustrate the challenge of keeping business blogging simple.

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