Business Blogs are not Business Cards

The new Business Blogger often starts by writing very detailed sales pitches.  Think “long winded elevator speech” and you are getting close to the most common mistake.

Business blogs gain preferential treatment by the search engines.  If the content of your article is not focused and well crafted, then the preferential treatment will be the cold shoulder.

Starting at the beginning, ask the question why do search engines care if your blog article (or website) is listed?  The more users who use the search engine, the more advertiser revenue they will collect.  If Google sent their users to web sites that did not meet the searchers’ needs, then the searcher would stop using Google.

Business card data or quick elevator speeches usually fail to gain positive search engine listings because they are too broad in topic scope.  Your business certainly does a lot, but don’t try to write about everything you do in a single article.

Single Topic Focus

The more specific the better.  For exampling, writing about printing is too broad.  Writing on tri-fold brochure printing is much better.

Time Sensitive

Since blogs are news type communication mediums, take advantage of it.  Write articles that have a sense of now.  For example, writing about your staff is not time sensitive; writing about the person you just hired is time sensitive.


Your readers are giving you their time.  Respect it. Give the reader value for their visit.  Sales pitches are not informative, no matter how sweet the offer.  The information value is very low.  Make offers on static web pages, write about benefits on your blog site.  For example, write about the benefits of using a content management system for your company web site, rather than the new deal your company has on web site design.

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A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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