Businesses don’t blog, they weducate consumers

Since blogging become the activity dujure, people like me have been trying to mold the technology into a business tool.  Too often I see business people trying to blog about social activities or, worse yet, blogging direct sales pitches—both of which are doomed for failure.

My feeling is the problem with business blogging is the term blogging.  Since a blog, more often than not, is viewed as an online diary/chit-chat arena; business people struggle to find the relevancy for inclusion in their marketing effort.

I have coached a few hundred clients now how to use blog technology to educate their consumer base, providing “how to” based info to capture “Long Tail” traffic, but many still struggle to gain traction using the medium because, I think, the word BLOG.  So, we are creating a new word.

Business blogging is most effective as an education platform.  Take Web and Educate and we get WEDUCATE.

Weducate – the process of writing search engine optimized articles that help consumers solve challenges they face with the goal of providing overwhelming evidence that you are the service provider with the knowledge to service their needs.

When we weducate our consumers, we do so absent of any direct sales pitch.  While we are free to include targeted advertisements in the footer and sidebar areas of our weducation article, the article itself should be devoid of any sales-based call to action.


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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