Creating a Business Blogging Plan

A business blogging plan is a written strategy guide for your social marketing effort.  Like all business documents, your business blogging plan is a living document!  Expect and plan for frequent changes.  It is reasonable to expect your plan to change at least seasonally (based on business seasons).


What do you want to achieve? While you can achieve multiple goals, narrowly defined objectives allow for easier and quick success.

  • More search engine visibility (SEV)
  • High Google page rank
  • Increase company buzz
  • Instigate online discussions
  • Capture customer input

Your goals can be anything, but it must be documented!

Measurement Matrix

How you measure your effort will often dictate where and how you blog.

  • Phone Calls, eMails, Online Forms Completed
  • Analytics Software or Web Log
  • RSS subscribers, Links, and/or Pings

Many FREE blog sites don’t allow for the installation of analytics software.  Knowing how people interact with your website is very important, otherwise future topics are little more than a shot in the dark.  i.e.: without a measurement system in place, you will never know how many people consume your knowledge.

For example: if you are going to measure your effort by the number of phone calls you receive, then include a call to action that drives people to the telephone.

Target Audience

Who are you writing for?

  • Age, Gender
  • Social Activities, Religious Beliefs, Political Leanings
  • Financial and Marital Status
  • Favorite Books, Movies, etc.

The intent is to understand as much as possible about who you are writing for.  It may not be apparent what information is relevant until you are struggling with developing content.  Spending time up front to create a complete demographic profile will save you time over-coming writers block.

Income Connection

If the goal is NOT to directly generate income, what is the connection to income?  In business blogging there must always be an income connection, else the effort is not “business” focused.

For example: if your goal is to increase company buzz, then your income connection is the product or service you sell.  While this sounds trivial, compare company buzz to writing about new employees.  Blogging about your staff will generate company buzz, but what consumer capture opportunity have you gained?

Note:  while we are listing the income connection, we are not business blogging sales pitches!  A sales pitch, like personal blogging, is not “Business Blogging”.

Time Commitment

How much time can you realistically commit to writing per day?

Depending on your writing skills and organization, the typical 200 word business blog article will require 20 to 30 minutes to write, revise, proof, edit, link and publish.  Your blog site should publish at least once per week.  To be successful, like other marketing activities, you must set aside appropriate time.

Competitive Advantage

What sets you (or your product) apart from your competition?

These points will become your major keyword qualifiers.  For example, let’s say you sell trade show displays.  One of your competitive advantages may be very low overhead–which translates into lower priced displays to meet small business budgets.  Your competitive advantage keyword distinction becomes “affordable trade show displays for small business”.

Reaction Plan

Business blogging is not an exact science because it is social in nature.  Trends and fads will impact your blogging approach and potentially adversely affect your consumers’ perception.  You must always be on guard for negative user input AND be ready to respond.  What will you say when someone complains online about your product or service?

Sample Business Blogging Plan


To improve SEV such that every blog article gets index on Google by one of the companies

Measurement Matrix:

Primary measurement will be time on site from visitors finding the article on Google.  Seeking an increase of 30% longer on site.

Target Audience:

Women owned small business.  She leans slightly to the right of center politically and values less government impact on her business.  She is in her mid 40’s to late 50’s, recently divorced or widowed.  Her children are grown and married.  she loves to read mystery novels and watch drama movies.  She is financially secure, but seeks an affordable solution from someone she can trust.  She values working with men over women.

Income Connection:

Design and sale of trade show displays

Time Commitment:

I will allocate 30 minutes per day to blog on and promote my blog postings on LinkedIN, Facebook, CraigsList, and Twitter.

Competitive Advantage:

No overhead equals lower prices for small women owned business.

Reaction Plan:

I pledge to not fight negative reactions, but rather focus my time on resolving the complaint publicly.


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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