Definition of insanity…

Doing the same things the same way and expecting different results.

Ok, maybe that is not the official definition of insanity, but it best describes how most business owners operate. More often than not, to reach new customers, a business owner must step out on a limb and try a new marketing method. One such brave soul was a fellow East Portland Chamber Member, Roland Morris from QuickSilver Delivery.

As the editor of the Chamber Blog, my job is to keep our promise with the readers while giving chamber members an opportunity to explore marketing with the blog medium. More often than not, when asked to write something about their business, a business owner will write like they would for a classified section of the news paper. The trick to business blogging is, instead of writing for the classified section of the newspaper, write as if your story is going on the front page of the business section.

Subtle different to most, but important distinction to understand. In the classified section, we write about our products and/or services and how they will help solve a need. In the news section, we write about how our life affected someone else’s.

The obvious question is “how does that help me sell my stuff?”

Great question. In any transaction there must be at least two emotional elements; desire for the product or service and trust in the product/service provider. There may be other emotional elements, but those two MUST be there.

Writing for a classified section of your newspaper is taking care of the desire emotion. We use pretty pictures, catchy slogans, features and benefits statements, and price incentives.

When selling in the business section of your newspaper, you are addressing the trust emotion.

Next obvious question, “if a prospect has a desire why not deal with the trust when they call me?”

Another great question. Because in today’s economy where there are a thousand buying opportunities for exactly what you sell, are you going to trust your business to a price point differentiation? If evaluating a product or service solely on desire, price becomes the top concern. That is not to say that any particular consume may want to buy local, American of from a member of the East Portland Chamber of Commerce (shameless plug). But if not other elements of differentiation exist, then it is logical to assume the consume will lean towards price factors over features and benefits–especially when faced with identical product offerings.

The idea of a business blog is one of expanding your marketing reach, NOT replacing traditional advertising methods.

Last obvious question, “I am already tapped for time, how do you expect me to take on another marketing method?”

Simple, if you already have enough business to support your desires, then don’t. You could go out and hire a publicist to write for you, but it will more than likely fail in the end, because no matter how good the writer, they are not you. Consumers will be doing business with YOU, putting your worlds out for everyone to read is better than putting someone else’s interpretation of what you would say.

A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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