Entertainment equals business…

Would you say that your great customers also consider you a good friend? How did you become such great friends? Was it because you had a excellent product/service and you delivered it with amazing service? Nope. Your product and service were just initiators to your friendship, in some way shape of form, entertainment was the catalyst.

When I share this with a group of business associates, I almost always hear, “what you want me to sing and dance for my clients?” I almost always reply, “no, I’m sure you clients already think you tap dance your way through all daily activities.”

Do you tell your clients jokes? Do you go golfing with them or take them out to dinner? Those are ways you entertain your clients. Business blogging using a personality based marketing approach is about telling stories that are both informative and entertaining.

Looking back on your college years. Which professor did you feel was the absolute best? Why? Did they tell stories that both entertained you and gave you and excellent grasp of the coursework? I was bless was three great professors in my college days and all three had the same basic trait, they were fun and passionate about their course.  Well, your clients (current and future) also appreciate your passion and knowledge; so how are you communicating both on an on going basis?

Blogging has been traditionally considered a social media outlet, meaning it is best used for telling about personal happenings, believes and experiences.  Why then use the medium for anything else?  Businesses all across the world are trying blogging technology as a means to delivery more product related information or build stronger sales channels; both, in my opinion, are doomed for failure.  Blogging is about being social just like the cocktail party.  Try making a power point presentation at the next gathering in the golf lodge after a round of golf…  You’ll get the same results as trying to sell your wares in a blog format.

Every business MUST use multiple marketing channels to reach current and future customers.  Business blogging should be just one of the tools you use.

So how?  How do you make business blogging work for you?

Remove the features and benefits of your business from the conversation.  From an entertainment standpoint, nobody enjoys learning about why your company is a better widget maker.  People would be interested in WHY you company got into the widget making business, but readers want detailed stories that paint a picture.  While a sales presentation is going to be present by the nature of the location of the message, the tone of your message should be that of entertainment.

Who is the owner of the business and what trials and tribulations did they have to over come to get started in this business.  You don’t have to give away corporate secrets, but the only way readers will become interested in your story is if you use traditional story structure formats.  Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3 or Beginning, Middle and End (how ever you want to refer to it) is critical to keeping your article on message.

  • Build up characters because they are the people your readers will connect with.
  • Build clear themes because that is the reason to keep reading.
  • Form clear conclusions or resolutions because that is the ultimate benefit for the reader.

When blogging, you are making a deal with the reader, you will provide a story that is interesting, insightful or inspiring and in return the reader will give you their attention.  If you do a GREAT job with the three “Is” then you may gain a customer because personality is like gravity, it pulls people in!

Ed Bejarana


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