Feeding Your Business Blog While Economic Times Are Tough

Business blogging is often a narrative of your current business trends.  If times are good, then your blog articles will have a positive, “can do” spirit.  If times are rough, then you are more likely to write articles with a tone of desperation.  Which type of article do you think your reader is more interested in?

How do you prevent negative tones from creeping into your publications?

Planning and organization.  If business blogging is a reflection of current business trends, then add a new spin to your business plan.  Writing about new business opportunities can be an effective way to pull your mood out of the doldrums.  Sit down with a note pad and pen and write five things you wish your business could do.  Pick one of the five and write a mini business plan.  Using the business plan as a blue print, start blogging.

Business blogging can sometimes be a way to flush out good ideas.  One of the reasons we use a Personality Based Marketing approach is so we can use the medium to do some self-talk.  Don’t confuse self-talk with talking to yourself.  Self-talk is a natural part of life, writing your self-talk words is not; be careful to avoid negative self-talk.  Your readers don’t want to read articles that are negative.  Writing positive self-talk thoughts can be a source of inspiration for others.  If readers are inspired, they will become regular subscribers to your blog site.

Right now your little voice is probably saying, “Easy for him to say, he writes about how people should write.  We sell stuff, self-talk is stupid, our customers will get turned off.”  That is negative self-talk and it took no time at all to consume your mind.  Please allow me to talk directly to your inner “negative” voice.

“Well Mr Know-It-All.  Are your customers going to like hearing the sky is falling–buy my stuff?  Or would your customer appreciate knowing you understand economic times and are using your blog site to share ideas?  Positive self-talk is constructive idea building.  Sharing your thoughts on how to improve your services is presenting a model for your customer to evaluate.  Don’t forget that in addition to buying stuff, your customers are buying you.  A positive attitude can be point of differentiation that will help you close more deals.”

Ok, enough of talking to your inner voice.  How do you prefer to feel on a daily basis.  Your mom told you, “think happy thoughts.”  The advice was sound, use your blog-site to get those happy thoughts in a place where others can read them and you will become a source of inspiration.

Your inner voice did have one good point.  Your blog site is not a self-improvement, it is built to market you and your company.  The self-talk topics need to revolve around your target keywords and be delivered from your personal perspective.  If you are feeling the urge to talk about politics, great, start a new personal blogsite and type away.

Last point.  During tough economic times, the never-popular sales pitch will try to kick down a door into your article.  Bolt that door shut.  If you are struggling economicly, then so are your clients and prospects.  No body is going to read a sales presentation if they don’t have money.  Attract these customers through your ideas and inner thoughts.  Provide links to your company website in every article you write; if the reader wants to learn more, they will click over.

Ed Bejarana


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