Getting past economically induced writers block

Today is election day and by tomorrow (hopefully) we will have a new President, but the problems facing business owners will not end when we swear in a new leader.  Recessionary times call for an increase in marketing activity and if you are already blogging you may be struggling with what I call, economically induced writers block.  How do you write business blog articles when every minute of phone silence is nerve racking.  Seeing employees sitting around with nothing to do and machines not running conjures up horrible thoughts of layoffs and salary cuts.  Feelings like these suppress creativity and allow panic and worry to creep into articles your publish.  Your readers feel your pain and, out of self-defense, seek other more happier articles to read.

Here are a few tips and suggestions for dealing with economically induced writers block.

1.  Take your wife, child or dog to the park.

Joy is always attached to those we love and it is joy we want to bring to every article we write.  Sit on a park bench with your spouse and gaze into their eyes and run your fingers through their hair.  The electricity of the moment will erase every bad feeling in your body.  The simple pleasures of watching your dog chase a tennis ball will help you find a way to put a side your business problems, if even for just a few hours.  Think back to the joys of your child’s birth, then watch him or her play on the swings.  Take special note of a child’s ability to be in the moment.  Learn from your child, let love and fun return to your mind.

2.  Read an inspirational book.

I love “Who Moved My Cheese” and “The Present“.  These books are always with in reach.  Both are quick reads and will leave you feeling better about life and charged about moving forward.  Another great book is The Go Getter.  While less of an inspirational book, this read will leave you feeling like a super hero ready to take on the world.

3.  Attend a seminar or business class at you Small Business Development Center.

Being around other business people in a learning environment can be a great boost to your spirits.  Knowing you are not alone and hearing ideas on how to grow your business will always help pull you out of the writer’s doldrums.

4.  Take a walk

Fresh air and new sounds can stimulate the creative juices.  While you way be turned off by walking in the rain, sometimes when we get wet and totally out of our protected environment we find new ways to see life.

The most important aspect of business blogging is keeping a positive “can do” spirit.  When ever you feel your writing is going negative, take some time for yourself and find that happy spot.

Happy Blogging!

Ed Bejarana


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