Getting Started With Twitter

Here is a video from YouTube that describe Twitter…But keep reading for advise on using Twitter to help your Small Business.

Besides being a platform to answer the question what are you doing, Twitter is also an excellent platform to help people find what you’ve done.

Looking at Twitter as historical reference page to your ideas, suggestions and links you can begin to see the hidden power behind twitter.  Your customers don’t care if you are eating eggs and toast, they care about new ideas and business happenings.  If your business is already using a blog (and you should be) then you should use Twitter as a second landing page for data.

Thinking of twitter as your business’s own personal news wire, you will post important links to information, blog articles and new web pages.  Visitors to your Twitter page will see a consolidated list of information and link to the appropriate location.

Because your links can get lengthy, using a url shortening tool is critical.  My favorite is, but there are dozens of tools available for FREE.  I like because it keeps track of the number of times people click on my link.  It also allows me to re-tweet older messages with timeless knowledge.  This leads me to tip number 1.

twitter-blueTweet about important info and give enough of a lead-in so the visitor knows the full intent of the link.  People HATE bait and switch, if your blog article is about a trade show display, say so in your tweet, don’t reference some cheesy suggestion of massive business growth.


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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