How does Google’s new Panda Algorithm affect my business blog site?

If you currently buy content from a content farm, then your website is going to be punished.

If you write your own content and keep focused on providing quality information for your visitors, then Google’s Panda will be a boost for your search engine visibility.

If you are already one of my clients, you have heard me say this dozens of times; Google does not owe you anything! Google is in business to make money and they make money when people use their search engine more than Yahoo and Bing (and occasionally click on a pay per click link).

Google’s mission is to “qualify” good content and present to their customers.

When business blogging; your mission is to write quality content. I suggest using an education based model and leave the “selling” for your web-pages.

Consistency Wins The Day

Business blogging consistency is more important than keyword selection. By consistency I am referring to voicing; not frequency.

  • First person or third person
  • Education focused or sales focused
  • Length
  • External links

My suggestion is be yourself. It is always easier to remember. If you build your business blog in a manner that is not consistent with who you are as a person, then the strategy will fail.


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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