How to Stop Traffic!

In a recent Marcom Writer Blog post, Dianna Huff noted that, while going over her Google stats, she realized that one single archived issue of her newsletter was drawing a ton of hits. Rather than pat herself on the back for a job well done, however, she was dismayed, because “the keywords people [were] using to get to my site [had] nothing to do with my B2B marketing communications services. The newsletter in question was an interview with another B2B expert.” This one issue was attracting “a lot of untargeted—and unwanted—traffic,” she complained. To help other B2B’ers avoid overloading their Web sites with useless hits, Huff offered this advice:

Regularly check your analytics to ensure you’re getting targeted traffic. “If a page or piece of content is driving traffic you don’t want, remove that content!”

Optimize all of your Web site’s content—not just the homepage.

Archive your optimized e-newsletters. If you publish monthly, that’s 12 additional pages for your site, she notes.

Publish them in HTML instead of as PDFs. “Although Google does index PDFs, it’s easier to optimize the HTML code. You’ll also find that other sites will link to them, that people will ask to reprint them, etc.”

Write content based on your keywords. Using your analytics and a keyword tool, develop a keyword list and try to write content based on those keywords.

The Po!nt: Not all traffic is good traffic. Take steps to ensure your newsletter content draws only hot prospects to your archived issues.

Source: Marcom Writer Blog. Read the full post here.


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