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Search engine visibility is based on time and content relevancy to the search phrase.  Search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN, make money from advertisers buying time with searchers.  The more searchers, the higher the value for the ad space.  Internet users value speed and accuracy from their search engine.  Not speed as in how long it takes to produce a search result, but how long it takes to find what is desired.  When business blogging correctly, the search engines value the content higher than traditional webpages.  The question of why requires some statistical analysis for complete understanding.

Pew Internet & American Life Project reports 70% of American adults use the internet on a daily basis.  Pew also reports 49% of all daily American adult internet users turn to the search engines for information.  With more than 110 million search site users everyday, capturing those eyes have become big business.  Teams of programmers have created complicated algorithms to evaluate your internet content against what internet users are searching for.  Blog technology has a leg up with the computer generated content review programs because they are time and content rich.

More and more internet users are getting their news and information online.  Pew reports that 39% of American adult internet users get news online.  Search engines are giving blog sites quick access to high search results because of the news value.  When written clearly, internet postings on blog sites can appear on the first page of Google in a few minutes.  However, because of the time factor considered by the search engines, blog articles usually are short-lived on the first page.  Knowing this fact, business bloggers publish regularly on topics that interest their customers and prospects.  For most small business owners, publishing once or twice a week is plenty.

20% of all American adult internet users look for information on products and services they need or want daily (Pew – September 2007).  11% of American adult internet users read someone else’s online journal or blog daily.  With an increased number of businesses using blogs to deliver news based product and service information, we expect blog readership will increase exponentially over the coming months.  With only 5% of the American adult internet users writing for their own blog, small business bloggers have prime opportunities to use blogging technology to capture large volumes of internet traffic.  Since many blog hosting companies don’t charge monthly or annual fees for blog hosting, business blogging is one of the most economical marketing opportunities.

Putting all the data together, by business blogging, business owners can reach tens of millions of qualified consumers on a daily bases without investing large sums of money.  While time is money in most business operations, blogging, when done correctly, doesn’t consume vast amounts of time.

Blogging and social marketing will be around for many years to come.  Web 2.0 technologies are built with the same technology that is driving today’s business blog sites.  Now is a great time to capitalize on the recession to introduce a new marketing medium that doesn’t cost a lot of money but reaches vast numbers of American consumers.

Ed Bejarana

A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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