Life Happens?

As business owners or managers of departments, we will always face higher priorities when deciding to market our business.  The reasons for not taking time today will be great reasons.  Obviously anyone in your shoes would have made the same decision to hold off on marketing right now and instead deal with the fires.  “Life happens” is almost a curse when it comes to marketing.  Believing this means you’ve won half the battle.

On my story blog site, Bashful Bill struggles with life,  take a look at the lesson he learned:
“I’m letting all the distractions of work creep into my life because I don’t really want to write in the first place.  I would rather dig up a broken sprinkler pipe than market and build my business.  Maybe that is why I had to let Paul and Jose go.”

Business blogging is a proven business marketing tool.  Time is the only cost, yet in our daily regiment there is nothing more valuable than time; except in Bill’s case when he came to the realization that he had to let two good employees go because he didn’t market his business more.  Fewer employees equals less time to do those things which build your business and so begins the downward spiral.

The biggest distraction in our business life is eMail.  Most of the messages we receive are junk.  Yet when that magic sound alerts us “you’ve got mail!”,  we drop all our important things and run to check the mail box.  It isn’t that we are expecting an important eMail.  Bill’s observation is correct.  We would rather dig a ditch than market our business.  We would never openly admit this truth, would we?

Shut down the eMail application for an hour.  Turn off the phones.  Nothing is more important than promoting your business.  You have a choice between hundreds of different types of marketing.  Some are easier than others, but none are as affordable and effective as business blogging.  Whoever is eMailing or calling you can wait one hour.

Our little voice tells us all sorts of bad things.  This blogging stuff doesn’t work, the phone never rings anyways.  Do something that makes money and when you get free time you can blog.  That little voice is telling you the truth.  Just the facts are mixed up.  Business blogging gets your website more internet exposure.  With 70% of ALL American adults turning to the internet to find information, more internet exposure puts you in a better position to land new clients.  Most of the time we will not know if the blog drove a new client to us.  We can see traffic patterns and measure search engine visibility, but when the phone rings, all we know is “they found us on the internet.”

What does a business blogging consultant do?

In addition to helping you research article topics, we help you keep going.  Like a 12-step sponsor, we are your cheerleaders pushing you along and giving you words of encouragement.  We cannot prevent you from falling off the wagon, but when it comes to getting back on track, we can help pick up the pieces and get you into working order.

Business blogging consultants also give editorial guidance.  Blog articles must be in YOUR voice, but having a trained editor who understands search engine visibility can be invaluable in helping you get noticed faster.  Google and Yahoo will be the ultimate arbiters of your listing, but having an industry expert will help keep you on track and over the long haul, Google and Yahoo will list you high because of the consistency.

Today’s economy is tough, the recession we are entering is likely to be deep and long.  Marketing your business now is critical to survival.  Get online today.  Start blogging once or twice a week and take your place high up on the search engines.  Don’t lean on the crutch excuse, “Life Happens.”

Ed Bejarana


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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