Marketing your business via business blogging

Business blogging is topically focused social marketing.  We have created this site to help business owners understand the power and cost benefits of including business blogging as part of your over-all marketing strategy.

The basic premises behind business blogging is to capture readers who are surfing the web for things of interest.  More often than not, internet users browse the web as a source of entertainment (Pew Research study 2003).  if your business isn’t valued as something entertaining, then more than half of all internet searchers will skip you and your message.

Who determines if your article is entertaining?  The search engines exist to present searchers results that satisfy the search topic.  Knowing the facts as stated by the Pew research group, search engines add more weight to the articles that are topically focused, popular, and relevantly balanced.  If the secret search engine equation says your article is entertaining, then it is shown high in the search results.

What constitutes written entertainment?  Since search engine spiders still cannot make a personal judgment call, the process is broken down into a mathematical equation.  Search engine companies keep a very close guard on their formulas, so nobody really knows for sure how they measure article value.  We are assuming the Flesch Reading Ease formula is at least partially in play.

Skipping over the formula, I believe there is an easier way to determine entertainment value.  When you give it to your personal editors, do they like it?  At the end of the article, does your reader have more knowledge, feel happier, or want to read more?  Then it is entertaining.

Before you can write an entertaining article, we must first make sure we are writing on a topic people are searching for on the internet.  Using free tools provided by the search engines, you can look up average searches per month for any keyword search phrase.  Start by picking five or six different article topics and then use Google’s keyword tool to see if there is enough traffic.  How much traffic is enough traffic will vary based on your industry.  If you are in a very competitive market, then you many only need a few thousand searches per month on a longer, more specific keyword phrase.

The last consideration for topically focused social marketing is making sure you keep your article focused.  Write on one topic at a time.  Don’t try to introduce multiple topics in a single article because the over all relevancy rating will be significantly lower.  Again, keeping in mind that the search engines are in business to give searches what they are searching for in as few searches as possible, the clearer your article is on topic the better.

Let’s recap.  Business blogging is a very viable marketing tool, but to be effective, your articles must be:

1.  Sought by searchers on the internet
2.  Entertaining
3.  Single topic focused

Ed Bejarana


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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