Mixing Internet Marketing Channels

Build It and They Will Come!

Phooey!  You must build it, write about it, eMail links, create hundreds of bookmarks, twit it, and hound your entire Facebook friends list and that’s just for starters.  Today’s internet has you pitting your company message against hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of competitors.  Gone are the days of building your website and waiting for the traffic; getting noticed requires effort.

Microblogging and MLM

Microblogging is built on the idea of sending very short messages.  Originally created to help computer pros stay connected, it took about two minutes for Multi-Level Marketing folks to grab hold of the technology and RUN with it.  All too often I hear twitter (the most popular microblogging service) fans describe their discomfort with blogging.  The common excuse for not blogging is they don’t know what to write.  My suggestion is you FIRST start blogging.  Learn how to write interesting articles THEN use the microblogging technology to help drive more traffic; otherwise your microblog postings will drift towards boring sales pitches.  Long or short, a sales pitch is still boring.

Just because the message is short does not give you permission to SPAM the world.  People don’t care about your great deal, your amazing product or how much money you can make them; people care about people.  Long or short, if you don’t have the goal of making human contact you are wasting your time.

Business Blogging vs. Personal Blogging

Before diving into blogging, let’s explore the concept of human interest as it relates to marketing.  Socialites have a clear understanding of human interests – they search for other people with similar interests.  Dogs, books, alma mater, careers, and vacation hot spots are all GREAT human interest topics.  To the person looking for online friendship, connecting with like-minded people is the goal.

Business Blogging is a social activity.  For any transaction to take place, there must be at least three elements.


    While obvious, this is usually the hang-up which turns the normal business blogger bad.  Fearing personal rejection, we put service and product offerings front and center.  I submit that giving NEED presentations should be the second step in the selling process.

Financial Ability

    Typically number two in the selling process, we like to disqualify those who cannot afford our product or service BEFORE they waste our time.  I submit that FINANCIAL ABILITY should actually be the third step in the selling process.


    We have all been in the situation when the sales process is halted because of a personality clash.  The customer does not like you for whatever reason and they walk away from the deal.  It could be the way we speak, a political joke that slips out or our choice for favorite football team.  I submit LIKE should be the first step in the selling process–when blogging!

    Write from a personality perspective and you will give the reader an insight into your soul.  If the reader likes what they read then they will want to learn more about what you do.  Even better, by writing about your personality, Google, Yahoo and MSN will be able to catalogue you for those people looking for people “just like you”.

Find Them Because They Like You

Your company website is built to grab those internet searchers who are looking for your product or service  Why not work on traffic when they are NOT looking for your product or service?  We have all said it: “I know a guy who…”  Why did you know that person?  Maybe because you bought something from them, but probably because they are your friend!  Write to build friends and you will attract more customers.

I started this article by suggesting you need to do several things to market your business, but so far I have only talked about microblogging and blogging.  In our next article, we will dive deeper into the details of these two technologies.  While we have written several articles on how to write your article, we have not spent enough time talking WHY you write your articles.  This will then take us to the other marketing efforts we need to discuss.

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