Overview of Micro-blogging

Twitter is just the first of MANY micro-blogging opportunities (Jaiku, FreindFeed, Pownce, Tumblr, and Indenti.ca are but a few others).

twitter4Created by a Cornell student, Jack Dorsey, Twitter originally started as an idea for a dispatch service for couriers and taxis.  One of the most used website on the internet (Compete.com) Twitter has gained name recognition alongside, Microsoft, Apple and IBM.

But Why?

The short message and multi-platform (i.e. computers and cell phones) nature of twitter takes away the need for careful attention to language.

Most of us are timid when it comes to writing business blog articles because we fear our writing skills are below par.  However, Twitter only allows messages of 140 characters (or less) to be sent; this gives the user a pass on crafting compelling messages.

Short instant messages does not mean the information will be read, just that it will be easy to send.  So much of the dot com revolution has been stimulated by the dream of simplifying marketing.

Without spending much time at all on Twitter, you’ll find a bevy of useless blurbs, feeble attempts to grab attention and lots of spam.

If I have Not Scared You Away…Good, because Twitter can become a pivot point for your marketing program.

Everything you do in business should be thought of as news.  Therefore, Twitter could be used as a press release announcement tool.  Putting extra links to important information in places where search engines can grab and catalog–and more importantly, find new reasons to visit your company website.

Micro-blogging is another way to deploy company press release data.


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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