Personality Based Marketing

Personality can be defined as a dynamic and organized set of characteristics possessed by a person that uniquely influences his or her cognitions, motivations, and behaviors in various situations.

Human characteristics act as magnets; one side attracts while the other side repels. Objects can only be influenced once they enter the magnetic field. Personality Based Marketing is the process of expanding your magnetic influence to your consumer base.

We all know people with whom we naturally “hit-it-off” and those who we instantly dislike. The means by which we make our judgments is through our perception of one’s personality traits.

The Science

Gordon Allport was an early pioneer in the study of traits, which he sometimes referred to as dispositions. One of his early projects was to go through the dictionary and locate every term that he thought could describe a person. This is known as the “lexical hypothesis.” From this, he developed a list of 4500 trait like words. He organized these into three levels of traits.

  1. Cardinal trait – This is the trait that dominates and shapes a person’s behavior. These are rare as most people lack a single theme that shapes their lives.
  2. Central trait – This is a general characteristic found in some degree in every person. These are the basic building blocks that shape most of our behavior although they are not as overwhelming as cardinal traits. An example of a central trait would be honesty.
  3. Secondary trait – These are characteristics seen only in certain circumstances (such as particular likes or dislikes that a very close friend may know). They must be included to provide a complete picture of human complexity.

Traditional Marketing Challenge

Traditional marketing focuses exclusively on central traits, pushing consumers to make emotional decisions. Sometimes consumers feel buyers remorse and out of frustration start an negative word-of-mouth marketing campaign. Since no business marketing campaign can over come a negative word-of-mouth campaign, the goal is to avoid (as much as possible) making your customers feel buyers remorse.

A New Marketing Concept

What if you had a way to line up the magnetic forces between you and your ideal customer?

First you need to establish your magnetic alignment.


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