Rebuild Customer Relationships with Business Blogs

How are you going to keep your current customer relationships when they are tempted by your competitors low price offers?

We are starting to hear the Recession word coming from the administration. As a smart business person, you’ve already been positioning yourself to weather the storm. Cutting costs, trimming back the staff… As you make recession preparations, you are also keeping a keen eye on the concept of “service is king”. What is your plan to keep delivering first rate service to your existing client base?

A business blog, when written currently, is a dual purpose communication tool. First, it tells your current customer based that you are still a live and well. Second, it also entices your competitor’s customers to give your company a look over.

In addition to a great product or service at a fair price, your customers (and future customers) want to know that they are working with someone who cares. The old adage is “they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Your business blog needs to be a personal perspective on how you are running your business. Don’t use the blog as a sales pitch tool, us it as a relationship builder. Tell stories about your life, your business, your plans even your family.

What does talking about your family have to do with delivering better service to my customers?

Don’t forget that in addition to seeing you as a service provider, your customers see you as a person. They like you. Sharing personal information about “how” your life and family is affected by your devotion to the business can give you a leg up when it counts the most. We would never call a customer and tell them about the bring your dog to work policy you’ve just instituted, but your customers would be interested if the reason for doing so made business sense. Go with me for a moment.

You’ve just cut your staff by 20%, you only had ten people to begin with, but you now just have eight. Your workers just lost two of their friends and they are going to be uneasy with your decision (no matter how sound the justification.) While they are happy to have survived the layoff, their personal view of you has changed for the worse and if left unchecked, they could take their frustrations out on your customers in the way of poor customer relations. Being the savvy “out-of-the-box” thinker you are, you decided to implement a bring your pet to work policy. You goal is to improve the mental well being of your workers and keep them from turning against you and your customers. Your employees know you are doing this to keep them happy, there is no need to hide your motivations–instead celebrate your motives and tell the world.

What you are doing to continue delivering first class service is great marketing information just the same as WHY you make the business decisions you make. Giving the internet access to your inner “personal” thoughts (as they relate to your business) will bring the human element out for all to see. When considering jumping ship in favor of a few penny’s saved, your customers will value your openness and think twice.

Ed Bejarana

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