Should you start your own business blog?

We are going to talk about the time factor involved with the typical business blog and help you determine if you should consider starting one.

Plan on devoting 20 to 30 minutes a day to business blogging.

Business Blogging Time Commitment Outline

40% – Writing
40% – Researching
20% – Proofing

20 minutes a day, five days a week, you will spend:

  • 40 minutes writing
  • 40 minutes reading other blogs
  • 20 minutes proofing

How do you find other blogs for your industry?

Go to Google, type the keywords for your topic of internet (in quotes if there are multiple words) and the word “blog” outside of the quotes.)  Forexample:

  • “auto insurance” blog
  • accounting blog
  • “starting your own business” blog

Day one – Start the timer, visit several blog sites and read as many articles as you can.  When the timer hits 20 minutes, stop and note how many articles you found of interest.  Note the sites you found them on.

Day two – Start the timer, visit your top blog from yesterday and read the newest article (if there is one).  Search for more blog sites, read as many articles as you can.  Again, stop and take notes at 20 minutes.

Day three – Start the timer, open up a basic text editor and write a practice article (not for publication).  Improve on the best (or worst) article from the previous two days research (using the business blogging writing guide as your model.)  Stop at 20 minutes.

When possible, we suggest you use a trusted friend as your proof reader.

Day four – Start the timer, search the net for an article with the topic you choose to write about.  Compare what you wrote to the article you found (if you found one).  Stop at 20 minutes.

Day Five – Put away the timer.  Today is for reflection.  Make a list of pros and cons; what did you like about the articles you read on the net?  What didn’t you like?

If you cannot find topics of interest on the internet, then maybe blogging is not for you…Of course, it could also mean you have found a great opportunity to start a new niche community!

Avoid judging blogging from just the first week of research; repeat this process at least three times.  At that point you have given the technology 5 hours of your time over three weeks.  If you are still intrigued by the idea of blogging, then blogging is right for you!

The next step is to build your client profile and blogging strategy.  You must know who you are writing for and why; otherwise your blogging will take forever and you’ll probably NOT be successful.

Ed Bejarana


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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