Social eCommerce

Business leaders have have sought a balance between online shopping and offline selling.  For many businesses, the disconnected, non-human feeling eStore is not compatible. However, the pure social nature of blogs are too loose and sometimes too revealing for professional services and high value products.

How then does business gain the social benefit of blogsite technology with out devaluing the products or services they offer?

Ecommerce (noun):  Commerce that is transacted electronically, as over the Internet.

Social (adjective):  Pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations: a social club.

Personality Based Marketing

When promoting services the concept of personality based marketing is easy to implement, but when attaching to high valued products or services, the concept gets a bit fuzzy.

Do products have personalities?

Ask Coke, Pepsi, and Froot Loops advertising managers and they will tell you YES!  If fact, when we look at national branding campaigns we often see the effort to associate a personality with the item in question.  Being good guerrilla marketers, we should emulate success.

Business Blogging and Product Branding

While it is not feasible to make cartoon characters dance with your product (or service statement) on the website, you can build a personal connection with readers by simply being personal.  Present your products or services to the blog reader from the perspective of your product or service.

In the coming months we will be detailing exactly how to build personality traits into your product and service based business blogging messages.

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