Social Networking Instructions – Getting Start with Yahoo Answers

Here are two Power Point Presentations on Social Marketing

To view the presentations, you need a Google account.  Google accounts are free.  For more information about Google Accounts, please click here.

Part one – Social Networking 101 – Generating Web Activity With Yahoo Answers

This is a presentation on using Yahoo Answers to attract visitors to your website.  Yahoo Answers is also a good way to find people with knowledge.  Because the system is created by people, the content on the site can not be guaranteed.  Using the site as a way to help others AND bring more visitors to your site should not be your ONLY internet marketing strategy.

Part two – Social Marketing 101 part B – Digg, and Technorati

Now that you have a great blog article written and you’ve even helped someone on Yahoo Answers, why not tell the rest of the world?  Social bookmarking is another way to get the word out about your knowledge.  Waiting for internet users to accidentally find you or trusting the search engines will consider your information important is NOT enough.  Take action to get noticed.

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