The Big Bad Blog Clock

You’ve been considering starting a B2B blog. But you’re afraid that once you start it up, you won’t be able to maintain it. How much do you really have to say in a given week, to keep your copy fresh, and meet the needs of the Big Bad Blog Clock? Good news: In a blog at the MarketingProfs’ Daily Fix, Mack Collier offers all the tips you need to keep a corporate blog humming. Among them:

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Develop a “dedicated group” of bloggers, he says. And make sure these writers are committed: “If each blogger needs to write 2 posts a week, they have to be willing to give you 2 posts a week.”

Develop a posting clock. “Ideally, a company blog should have at least 2 new posts a week, and up to 5. Less than 2 is too little, and over 5 is usually too much.”

Stick to it. “Set up your posts to run in the middle of the week, and then move outward,” Collier advises. “Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are usually the best days for traffic, so schedule posts to run these days, usually around 10am-noon.”

Post pictures and bios of each blogger. “Remember that ultimately, people don’t want to connect with companies, we want to connect with people,” Collier says.

The Po!nt: Fear not. By adhering to a few proven rules of blogging, and keeping an eye on the blog clock, you can maintain an effective B2B social media tool.

Source: MarketingProfs’ Daily Fix. Read the full post here.


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