Things to do when starting a blog article

Business blogging, like all marketing activities, requires careful planning.  Picking popular search topics, writing in human interest format, staying focused, and being audience specific will drive attention to your articles.  The organization does not stop there.  Your planning must also include a reason for the reader to click on the next link.  No sales pitch is allow, so enticing a reader to learn more becomes very difficult hence the reason for all the up front planning.

What you write needs to be fun, educational and/or inspirational because more often than not when the reader finds you they are browsing the net as a source of entertainment.  There is no bigger turnoff than a direct sales assault to someone who is looking for something to pass the time.  It is the same as receiving a telemarketing call during dinner time.

How do you write business articles in a human interest format?  One way is to tell a story.  Great motivational speakers know the secret of getting a point across is to put the lesson in the form of an entertaining story.  This week, on my personal blog site, I’ve written a fictional story about a busy company executive who struggles to get organized.  “Putoff Pete”, like so many business people, tries to use blog technology to advance his company’s marketing message, but as you’ll discover in the story, Pete is not giving the marketing effort its just attention.

How do you pick popular topics?  Google has a great tool to help you find keyword phrases.  Starting with the keywords on your business website, find the most popular key phrase and isolate one aspect in which to write.  Using associated keyword phrases from Google for your target keyword, create a story that gives the reader value for their time.  You need to reward the reader for giving you their attention.  Just make sure the reward isn’t in the form of some sales pitch.

When I say stay focused, I mean, pick a topic, make an opening statement supporting your point of view and then back up your position.  In the case of Putoff Pete, the main lesson from the story was to pick a calmer environment to do your business blogging organization.  For Simple Sally last week, the lesson was don’t try to blog on your time off.  Your environment and personal motivations will influence what and how you write.  Putting yourself into a calm environment that is supportive of your working process will help keep you focused and this will carry through to your blog article.

My last point is be audience specific.  If you are writing for women who own their own business, then make sure you have that target audience identified within your article.  You may need to visit several websites to capture the essence of how your target audience communicates, but the closer you write to the way your audience thinks the more successful your article.  Your blog site is “your” site and you can write as much or as little as you wish.

Business blogging is an important business marketing vehicle and your job is to give it as much professional attention as you would any other marketing campaign.

Ed Bejarana


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