Twitter Beginners Guide

Twitter can be an excellent web traffic tool to help you improve your:

  1. Customer Conversion Optimization
  2. Number of Inbound Links
  3. Search Engine Optimization

The first step is to visit and click on “Get Started – Join”

Enter your real name (unless anonymity is required).  We feel personal branding has a huge internet marketing benefit.

Create a Twitter User Account

Enter your eMail address.  We suggest you create a special eMail account for Twitter messages so you can isolate the increased eMail traffic.

Complete the rest of the form and click “Create My Account”.

Your first option will be to invite your friends to follow you on Twitter.  We suggest you skip this step.

The next option is to following some people.  We suggest you skip this step too.  We will use The Twitter Yellow Pages to follow a select group of people based on the industry they self-identify with.

This is a good time to mention the goal for your Twitter account.  Build more web traffic AND more links on Google.  While you could use Twitter as a communication tool, we feel the time commitment for this strategy out weights the ROI.

Once your account is created, the first step is to update your profile.  This is the information screen people see when they visit your Twitter account.  It includes your account name, real name, web address, location, and 160 character description.

Your profile description will be the content evaluated for most Twitter searches.  While your tweets are also index by the search engines, your profile is an important information section for starting to identify you with your business industry.

The picture tab is where you upload your avatar.  We suggest you use a photo of yourself.  A head shot helps build a personal connection with people.

The Design tab is where you can manage your Twitter background.  You can use one of the default patterns or create your own picture.  We suggest you create a pic that measure 1400 pixels by 1200 pixels so that you background completly fills most all computer monitors.

The two most important Twitter tasks is managing your following/followers and broadcasting messages.

Twitter does not like SPAM anymore than you.  To try and control SPAMMERS, Twitter puts limits on the number of people you can follow.

The main idea behind building a large following is first following people who in-turn follow you back.  Over time you will find in your “Followers” screen that people are following you and you are not yet following them in return.  You can tell that you are NOT following a follower because the option to follow is shown under the Twitter account name.  See image below.  To follow the person back, click on follow.

The question of limiting who you follow to protect your reputation is a personal decision you will need to make.  While we suggest you follow anyone who follows you, your personal or business needs may dictate otherwise.  As you will alter see, Twitter is a numbers game and your account will receive preferential treatment as your follower count increases.

Since you will, more often than not, first follow someone, you will need to (eventually) unfollow those who don’t follow you in return.

Why?  Because Twitter limits the number of people you can follow until you have enough followers.  For example, you can not follow more than 2,000 people until at least 2,000 people follow you back.  After 2,000 followers, you are only allow to follow a few hundred people more than are following you.  The message is your will need to spend time daily managing your followings.

When you click on the following tab, you will see the people you are following.  To make room for more people to follow, you need to unfollow those who don’t follow you back.  How often you do this clean-up is up to you, but we reccomend you do this task daily.  If you have the ability to “Direct message” a follwoer, then that follower has opted to follow you back.


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