Website Optimization Guide – Keyword Optimization

While there is no published formula for How To optimize your web page, we are going to give you a basic page organization structure to serve as a starting point.

Always remember, CONTENT IF KING.  There are no gimmicks, tricks, or content formula that will work to give you a guaranteed first page ranking.  Be wary of ANYONE who tries to sell you a first page ranking–it can not be done.

Organizing Information

Before looking at pictures, column layouts, or even keywords; define who your target customer is.

Pick a page topic.  Keep the topic scope of your page narrow.  Don’t try to say everything on one page.

Break the topic into three major categories.

Divide each Major Category into three sub-categories.

Spell out keywords for each of the category and sub-category fields.  Here is an sample outline:

  1. Major Category 1
    1. SubCat A1
    2. SubCat A2
    3. SubCat A3
  2. Major Category 2
    1. SubCat B1
    2. SubCat B2
    3. SubCat B3
  3. Major Category 3
    1. SubCat C1
    2. SubCat C2
    3. SubCat C3

While it is not necessary for your page to follow this outline format verbatim, building your content in this fashion will give you the very best starting point for organizing your page.

The Major Category should become a page heading tag (H1 or H2 tag).

Sub-Category keywords should be used smartly in a short paragraph.  It feasible, use bullet points, but be sure to support the bullet points with action driving text.  Use your target customer profile as the foundation for picking the right words and language you use.

Supporting The Message – Multiple Senses

Until we can add scratch and sniff web pages, we are left with sight and sound.  Useing these two sense we need to set the right emotional hook.  Website visitors will read very little of your page so use pictures as supporting cast members for your website’s message.

Pick photos that complement your written message.

Ask For Feedback

Do not trust that once you build your webpage that it is perfect.  Do not get so attached to page content that you become defensive when your trusted advisors suggest alterations.

Look to the Small Business Development Center, trusted industry experts and even other business owners to give you constructive feedback.

Measure Everything

Do not settle for visitors and page reads stats.  How long did visitors stay on your site, which links did they click and how often, what type of web browser do your visitors use and what size population center does your visitors originate?


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