What Happens to Business Blogging when Business Gets Busy?

Hi All,

I’ve been asked that question more than a few time by sole proprietor based business folks.  When business gets busy, most of the time, we put off those things which led to our success (sadly).  I know this to be true because I JUST did it myself.

My wife and I were traveling this summer and I took that opportunity to visit with a few distant customers (WAAAYYYY down in California).  It is good to get a way from the office and go visit your customers and find out first hand how things are going.  This recent trip gave me some new perspective on the business blogging and internet marketing concepts.

One of my clients was blogging diligently until the phones started ringing and then writing went by the wasit side.  I sat down with her this past week and we talked a bit about her writing process.  It turns out that she was over writing her articles.  She spent about two hours researching and prepping the article and another hour writing and proofing it.  I reminded her that business blogging (i.e. Social Marketing) involves making conversational type presentations to your target audience.

General Rule of Thumb to Business Blogging

It if takes you longer than 20 minutes to research, write, proof and publish your business blog article, then your topic and/or presentation to too broad.  Narrow your scope to a sinle topic, give fewer examples, use less filler language and write more often.

Happy Blogging!

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