What is Twitter

Put simply, twitter is an internet / cell phone instant messenger.  The software limits your “tweets” to 140 characters or less.  Using the “follow” option, you can have “friends” tweets delivered directly to your account window.

So What?
What is all the Hoopla?
Why does everyone you meet say, “You’ve got to get on twitter!!!”?

Like any new communication medium, understanding the various applications of the technology is a process of experimentation.  I am not going to suggest you rush out and join twitter, but I will suggest there is a business application.

Over the next few pages and posts we will explore practical small business applications for twitter.  We will explain the pros and cons of internet marketing via twitter.  We will also talk about how to use twitter as your own personal news delivery system for company happenings.

  • Overview of Technology and Small Business Application
  • Getting Started With Twitter
  • Building a Following
  • Marketing Campaign Kick-off
  • Evolution of the Message
  • The Future

(Stay tuned as the content is created–lots of GREAT news and suggestions for how to use Twitter is coming soon!)


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