What to blog about?

As a blog operator / business owner using blog technology, you are faced with the never ending question, “What should I write about?”

Business Blogging is a consolidation of information that is beneficial to the communities you serve.  In my case, I am a business blog consultant who teaches business owners how to use blog technology to advance company visibility on the internet.  I write about how to capture attention from those surfing the web.  A natural starting point is picking the “right” subjects to write about.

Lets start at the end and work our way backwards.  Knowing that blog articles are NOT compatible with features and benefits type selling, we first need to know what web page we are ultimately going to direct our readers.  Lets start at that web page.

What is the first keyword phrase for that page?.  Visit google’s keyword tool and look for associated keyword phrases and estimated search volumes.  For a full example of this process, you can visit our Keyword Selection info page.  In short, we are going to find those keyword phrases google already associates with your chosen keyword for the target web page.  Pick the associated keyword for which you feel you can best write a human interest article.  Since the associated keyword you select already has cross over relevance with your target keyword, you are beginning the process of building a high relevancy rating.

When formatting your new article, make sure to use your associated keyword in the first sentence and the target keyword in the first 25% of your document.

Here is what we have so far:

  1. Identified the landing web page
  2. Identified the target keyword
  3. Researched the associated keyword phrases
  4. Written a clear article intro using the associated keywords and target keyword.

What’s next?  Re-write the article such that someone finding it on the internet is compelled to actually READ it.  We’ve done the first part with an eye towards narrowing down your topic and synthesizing your point in a manner that maximizes search engine visualization; but we have only scratched the surface.  We need to use more common article structure techniques to capture our readers.

Is your article plot or character driven.  From our experience, keeping the human interest is more effective than separating you from the article.  A common concern from our new customers is the sense of privacy.  Please don’t misinterpret our ideas, we are not suggesting you expose your deepest secrets, but connect with your readers as you would if they were your customer.  We are, after all, trying to establish a personal connection with the reader.  In order to do that, we must get a little personal.

This is a good point to highlight the fact that we haven’t written a new article in a couple of weeks.  We have been working extra hard on preparing the business blogging support-site we have been referencing in this article.  While we still have more to add to the support site, we are at a point where you can gleam enough information to get writing.

For those of you who feels you just CAN NOT write your articles, we suggest you find a trusted friend who can help.  While it is very important the article we written in your voice, it is very common to use a friend to help pen the article with you being the final editor.

If you DON’T know anyone who can help with the writing, then Zenith Exhibits can.  We charge a flat fee of $25 per article.  How does our service work?  We can complete the first four steps we highlighted at the beginning of this article for you.  You then are prompted to write support information and submit to us for final editing.  The only restriction is on article length, while we are good at writing business blog articles, we are NOT authors for longer works.  So our maximum article length is 1,000 words.  Typical article lengths range from 300 to 700 words.  For more information, please call (503) 709-1454 or eMail me at ed@zenithexhibits.com

Ed Bejarana


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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