Why business blogging is better than bulk eMail

The East Portland Chamber of Commerce offers business blogging opportunities to all of its’ members. Business blogging, using a pull marketing strategy, yield higher click returns and more qualified prospects than traditional bulk eMail blasts (otherwise known as SPAM).

I ask all my clients the same question when describing business blogging…if given enough time to build a relationship (even a friendship) with a prospect would you have a greater chance of earning their business? The answer is always of course; but why then do we turn to blind eMail blasts that clog people’s eMail boxes and frustrate the consumer?

E-Blasts do have a positive return otherwise millions of companies wouldn’t do it, but it uses a less effective marketing strategy. Business blogging is all about introducing the reader to YOU. Not your company, not your great products or services, but consumers today are more interested in who YOU are, what you stand for or believe in. Consumers want proof that you are worth their time and investment. Currently there is no better way to tell your story than business blogging.

Why does business blogging work?

Without getting too technical, search engines love blog site posting structure; but not all blog articles are a like. Search engines are in the business is giving searchers what they are searching for. If a searcher can not find what they want on the first page with-in a few searches, they will move to another search engine. In the internet world, there is no such thing as brand loyalty.

From a product or service based search, blogs are NOT a good vehicle for advertising. Search engines already filter out sales pitches int he blog world. Blogging is about news or stories of interest to the reader. Here is the technical part… Associating “you” with a “topic” (i.e. why you do what you do) will cross reference your “website” and “what you do”. Using keyword placement with-in your story and correct website linking in your article, the search engines will build a link profile for the relevancy of select key words. Put another way, the search engines will see both your main website and the article and see if the article is a duplication of the website or new information that adds to the value of the original keyword.

With a higher value placed on the keyword combination, search engines will rank the blog article higher than your main website because the information contained with-in the article is back ground information supporting your authority on the key word combination. For search engines, the more important the data is rank, the higher on the search result list the link will be placed.

So how is this better than sending out a million eMails on a daily bases?

Because fewer consumers looking specifically for your keywords will translate into higher click over percentages and fewer SPAM complaints. Put another way, business blogging becomes the equivalent of relationship based selling.

For more information about how to participate in the East Portland Chamber blog, please visit one of our Chamber events or you can eMail me directly.

Ed Bejarana


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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