Writing Blog Articles to Promote Your Business

Social marketing via business blogging is the process of publishing articles the consumer base wants to read.  Last week week we took a big picture look at the process of picking your topics.  This week we will dive deeper into how to format your article such that the search engines and the consumer base like what you write.

The key to this process is knowing the associated keywords for your main topic.  We’ve constructed an example page on our business blogging wiki site that teaches you how to cross reference associated keyword phrases.  This process involves finding those keyword search phrases the search engines consider related; then including these associated keyword phrases in your article.

Including known associated keyword search phrases help bolster the relevancy rating of your article.  High relevancy ratings equals higher search engine visibility.  There is, of course, a catch.  The article you write must be interesting.  You can not just list your keywords in bullet points and proceed to make a sales presentation.

How do you make your article interesting?

You can take a position on something related to the keyword search phrase and make a professional statement; then support your reason for this position.  This blog site you are reading is one example of this type of approach.

You can write in a fictional character to help tell a story that supports your ideas.  You can see an example of this process by visiting my personal blog site.

You can present your personal history which led you to your chosen profession.  As the editor of the East Portland Chamber of Commerce Business Blog, I help chamber members structure their articles in this format when they are hosting a chamber event.  Visit the chamber blog site to see numerous examples of this style of writing.

Writing interesting articles is a learned art and requires practice.  Start by writing things that interest you and find a friend or close confidant to act as your proof reader/sounding board.  Don’t talk about your article with your friend.  Write it out and allow them to review your written product.  I will write more on this concept in the next article, but think of your writings as a pressure cooker. if you let out the steam you lose some effectiveness.

Ed Bejarana

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