Whatever You Dwell Upon, Grows!

There is a metaphysical law of concentration that says, “whatever you focus on, grows.”  Meaning if you focus on the negative parts of life those negative things will grow…but there is a business application as well.  Whatever you focus on in business will grow.  Lets apply this concept to our internet advertising efforts.

Focus your mental energies on your internet advertising effort and you’ll grow the effort.

In a book written by Christian D. Larson titled “The Optimist Creed and Other Inspirational Classics: Discover the Life-Changing Power of Gratitude and Optimism” we learn that optimistic people experience longer and healthier lives, better relationships, and high income.  (Avail on Amazon:  https://amzn.to/3hIDwFP)

If you are struggling with business or in your personal life…I suggest you first look inward to see if a lack of optimism is impacting your outlook.  A simple fix can be change your day dreams, focus on what “can” be and not on what you “wish” would have been.


I have been in the music and entertainment business since 1977. I love podcasting and audio production as a business model and enjoy helping business grab new customers with engaging audio and video.

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