Website Tips for Small Businesses Presentation

Where a business once could rely on the Yellow Pages to deliver a steady stream of new customers, now your website is a critical marketing tool.  To make matters worse, the search engine playing field is anything but friendly.  Hackers, Spammers, and Con-artists prowl the net looking for ways to steal your money; competitors from all over the world are angling for your local customers and every web developer is telling you how to build a website but not how to grow your business.

I share industry secrets on how to combat the bad guys while attracting the good customers.

This presentation will focus on the business site of search engine optimization and website development.  Understanding the different web site options available and the typical costs associated with them.  Lastly we will explore different marketing strategies and the idea of Personality Based Marketing and things to consider when choosing a website developer.

Presentation Outline

  • Why do small business need a website?
  • What type of business don’t need a website?
  • What type of website should you build?
  • How do search engine list your website?
  • How do you convert visitors to customers?
  • What to look for in a website designer?

Presentation Time:

The format of my presentation is flexible and can range in time from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

Presentation Size:

This presentation is ideal for groups of 15 to 60.

Presentation Cost:

Website Tips for Small Business Presentation is FREE for business associations, not-for profit organizations and education institutions.


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