War Stories for the Audiobook Recording Studio – Read What Is On The Page

I am about to being month three in my new venture as an audiobook narrator.  I’ve submitted 50 auditions and received nine book contracts.  All of this work is being done through Amazon’s Audible System called ACX.  They really make the process simple as most of the authors and narrators are new to the process—or…

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Let’s Talk About Audiobooks As An Aid For Americans With Disabilities

A woman listening to an audiobook with a headset while holding a book close to her chest.

In today’s world, audiobooks have become a popular way to read books, listen to educational materials, and improve literacy skills. For individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties like dyslexia, audiobooks can be an excellent solution. Audiobooks for the blind are created by organizations such as the National Library Service for the Blind and Print…

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Should You Hire A Professional To Edit Your Audio?

One of our more popular services is podcast audio clean-up and editing.  In this day-a-age, you can record your podcast on your cellphone, over zoom, or via a handheld digital recorder…but then you need that audio cleaned up for the listeners benefit.  At Zenith Exhibits we use a low, Per Minute of Finished Audio (PMFA)…

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Developing a great voiceover script for marketing your small business

No matter if you are going to hire a professional voiceover artist, or if you are going to record the commercial yourself, the first step in the process is writing a script that will engage potential customers. Let me start by saying an English degree is NOT required to write great ad copy…in fact, it…

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You have written a book, now what?

Young woman listening to an audiobook through her headphones.

With the right equipment, it is easier than ever to produce your own audio book.  Below are five tips you can use to jump start the process and open the door to a new world of readers—audio readers! Overview of the recording and editing process Tip 1:  Recording equipment and software You can purchase a…

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